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#Drow Ranger

[Tutorial] The New Frontier Quest

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Bom, muitos player seguem o tíbiawiki, mesmo assim muitos tem dificuldades em algumas partes
irei ser mais especificos nas partes o qual muitos player encontram dificuldades, vamos lá.

  • Um outro jogador para a missão 09.
  • É necessario level 80 ou maior na missão 09.

    Método: Indo até Farmine

    Para ir atÉ Farmine, vá atÉ algum steamboat, pode ser o de Kazordoon ou de Cormaya. Chegando lá, fale farmine e na primeira vez o NPC irá falar algumas palavras, apenas diga yes.

    Gurbasch: Welcome, jogador! Lovely steamboat, ain't it? I can even offer you a passage if you like.

    Jogador: passage
    Gurbasch: Where do you want me to take you? To Kazordoon or to Farmine?
    Jogador: farmine
    Gurbasch: Well, you might be just the hero they need there. To tell you the truth, some our most reliable ore mines have started to run low. ...
    Gurbasch: This is why we developed new steamship technologies to be able to further explore and cartograph the great subterraneous rivers. Our brothers have established a base on a continent far, far away. ...
    Gurbasch: We call that the far, far away base. But since it will hopefully become a flourishing mine one day, most of us started to call it Farmine. The dwarfs there could really use some help right now. ...
    Gurbasch: Would you like to go to Farmine for 200 gold?
    Jogador: yes Gurbasch: Full steam ahead!

Missão 01: Nova Terra

Fale com o NPC Ongulf, norte do barco. Diga hi, project e depois long, para ouvir a história completa da chegada dos anões no local.

Ongulf: Hello, jogador. You've come at a good time for our project.

Jogador: project
Ongulf: Well, it's a long story but you really should listen to understand what is going on here. You can also hear a short version of the story, but then don't blame me if you mess something up due to your undwarfish impatience. ...
Ongulf: So what would you like to hear, the long story or the short version?
Jogador: long
Ongulf: After centuries the resources beneath and around the Big Old One became alarmingly short. Some decades ago, the imperial mining guild financed a project to search and establish new mines far away from Kazordoon. ...
Ongulf: After several tries with mixed success, the project of the technomancers proved the most successful. Their steamships studied and mapped the great underwater rivers deep beneath the earth. ...
Ongulf: With the help of certain apparatuses, they tracked deposits of ore and compiled ship routes to reach them. These mining bases had some obvious advantages and disadvantages. ...
Ongulf: The suitable spots had no connection to the surface. On the one hand, this meant that the new mines were safe from most kinds of beasts. On the other hand, it meant that all food and material had to be brought there by ship. ...
Ongulf: Special, heavy ships were built to carry ore and supplies back and forth. The only limitation for such bases had been the range of the steamships. ...
Ongulf: Recently, the technomancers with the help of the temples of fire and earth made some crucial discoveries that allowed the ships to extend their cruising range almost limitlessly. ...
Ongulf: The survey ships of the technomancers were once again sent out to find new, promising resources. ...
Ongulf: Sadly some of the ships never returned and others only found minor deposits of ore, not worth the effort. But one of the ships made some groundbreaking discovery - a cave that had a connection to the surface. ...
Ongulf: As far as the explorers could tell, the area had been unknown to dwarfhood and mankind so far. ...
Ongulf: What was more, the said cave system had an abundance of rare ores. The imperial mining guild agreed to fund a new project and to name it 'project far far away'. ...
Ongulf: Don't look at me, I'm not the one who came up with that name! Those technomancers are such an imaginative bunch. But where have we been? Oh, yes, the new project! ...
Ongulf: Well, some ships were sent to establish a first base. ...
Ongulf: It became painfully obvious that the number of workers needed there could not easily be supplied by the ships alone. Also such a base would require an amount of money, expertise and manpower that the guild could not provide. ... Ongulf: We would need help and additional resources. That's were you come into play. If you are interested, let's talk about possible missions.
Então só depois fale mission, para conseguir sua primeira missão. Ele vai pedir você explorar o local ao redor e tentar encontrar uma saída das montanhas.

Jogador: mission

Ongulf: Listen, I can handle the organisation down here and my boys will handle the construction of the base fine enough. Actually, all you do down here is standing in the workers' way. ...
Ongulf: But there might be something for you to do outside the base. We need to learn more about the land up there. Take the lift and do some exploring. Find a passage leading out of the mountains. ... Ongulf: Do not explore any further though. You never know whom you might be messing with.
Agora vá para o leste, suba no elevador da direita e puxe a alavanca. Você irá sair no topo da montanha. O caminho não É difícil, vá para o leste e use parcels ou levitate, continue seguindo sempre para leste. Você verá uma escada, desça ela e irá aparecer uma mensagem dizendo que sua missão está concluída e pode retornar a Ongulf.

Jogador: mission
Ongulf: Excellent. Although we have no idea what awaits us in this foreign land, it is always good to know something more about our surroundings.
Nota: a partir da conclusão desta missão você ja tem acesso a Zao Steppe.
Missão 02: De Kazordoon Com Amor

Antes fale novamente com Ongulf e peça uma missão.

Jogador: mission

Ongulf: Things are running fine so far. Actually so fine that we are short of supplies and men. I'd send a letter home but I guess sending you to get some assistance gives the whole affair a bit more urgency. ... Ongulf: So please travel back to Kazordoon. In the western mines outside of The Big Old One, you'll find Melfar of the imperial mining guild. Ask him to send some more miners and wood. When you return, I might have some more interesting missions for you.
Agora vá para Kazordoon atÉ as Dwarf Mines, à oeste. Atravesse os dois rios e encontre o NPC Melfar. Ele caminha sobre a superfície perto da mina à oeste do armazÉm e do Royal Mailbox.
Fale com Melfar e peça uma mission e ele irá entregar a você um Flask with Beaver Bait.

Melfar: Just great, another disturbance. Just what I need.

Jogador: mission
Melfar: Ha! Men and wood you say? Well, I might be able to relocate some of our miners to the base. Acquiring wood is an entirely different matter though. ...
Melfar: I can't spare any men for woodcutting right now but I have an unusual idea that might help. ...
Melfar: As you might know, this area is troubled by giant beavers. Once a year, the miners decide to have some fun, so they lure the beavers and jump on them to have some sort of rodeo. ...
Melfar: However, I happen to have some beaver bait left from the last year's competition. ...
Melfar: If you place it on trees on some strategic locations, we could let the beavers do the work and later on, I'll send men to get the fallen trees. ...
Melfar: Does this sound like something you can handle?
Jogador: yes
Melfar: So take this beaver bait. It will work best on dwarf trees. I'll mark the three trees on your map. Here .. here .. and here! So now mark those trees with the beaver bait. ...
Melfar: If you're unlucky enough to meet one of the giant beavers, try to stay calm. Don't do any hectic moves, don't yell, don't draw any weapon, and if you should carry anything wooden on you, throw it away as far as you can. Melfar: Just great, another disturbance. Just what I need.
Você precisa usar o líquido sobre as 3 árvores que vão ficar marcadas no mapa, em qualquer ordem.
árvore 1: Quando você usar o Flask with Beaver Bait na árvore, um Thieving Squirrel vai roubar o flask de você, mate ele para obtê-lo de volta e continuar marcando as outras árvores (sugestão: deixe esta árvore para o final e não corra o risco de perder seu flask).
Recomendação: Cercar o canto superior esquerdo com alguns tiros da runa Firebomb, isso ajudará com que o esquilo não corra.
árvore 2: Quando for marcar está árvore, parece que alguÉm já marcou ela antes, o lobo que a marcou vai aparecer com seus amigos para protegê-la (são sumonados 1 war wolf e 4 wolfs).
árvore 3: Nesta árvore, uma família de esquilos que vive nela vai atacá-lo! (4 Enraged Squirrels).
Retorne ao NPC Melfar e fale mission para finalizar sua tarefa.

Jogador: mission
Melfar: Yes, I can hear them even from here. It has to be a legion of beavers! I'll send the men to get the wood as soon as their gnawing frenzy has settled! You can report to Ongulf that men and wood will be on their way!
Agora volte para o NPC Ongulf em Farmine.

Jogador: mission

Ongulf: That's good news for sure. It will give our operation a new impulse. However, only if there is not some unexpected trouble ahead. Well, we'll talk about that when we discuss your next mission.
Missão 03: Estranhos na Noite


Jogador: mission
Ongulf: Our guards reported some nightly visitors. They chased them through the mountains but lost them when the fugitives climbed up some vines. ... Ongulf: It could easily be some trap and I'm somewhat reluctant to send you there, but we can't allow some invisible aggressor to spy on us and maybe to prepare an attack. ... Ongulf: Find these vines in this mountain, climb up there and find out who is spying on us! If they mean harm, get rid of them if possible. ... Ongulf: If they are too powerful, just retreat and we will have to re-evaluate the situation. If they are harmless, all the better.
Nesta missão Ongulf conta sobre uma tribo que vive nas montanhas e você deverá ir atÉ eles e ver se são pacíficos. Como na missão 1, desça a montanha. Caminhe para o norte atÉ achar umas vinhas na montanha, pelas quais você deverá subir (1). Note que você só conseguirá subir, se tiver pedido missão. No próximo andar caminhe para o norte e suba uma rampa(2). Continue andando para o norte e depois para o oeste (3) para encontrar Lazaran(4).
Nersinfrontier1.png Frontier3.png
Os NPCs desta montanha pertencem a tribo dos humanos primitivos, a maioria fala uma língua estranha.Lazaran, o líder, fala um pouco de inglês. Então pergunte a ele sobre suas intenções, fale para ele: mission e sua missão estará terminada.

Jogador: hi
Lazaran: Me greet. Jogador: mission Lazaran: Me people wanting {peace}. No war with others. No war with {little} {men}. We few. We weak. Need {help}. We not wanting make {war}. No hurt. Jogador: peace Lazaran: Yes, yes! Tribe make great peace with tribe of little men and you! You smoke pipes of peace with us? Jogador: yes Lazaran: We brothers in peace now. No blood will be shed with your people! Ugha!
Retorne para Ongulf e nesse momento você verá que a cidade de Farmine está prosperando e já não É mais a mesma.

Jogador: hi
Ongulf: Hello. Jogador: mission Ongulf: Primitive humans you say? This are most startling news, that's for sure. Well, I guess I'll send some victuals we can spare as a sign of our good will. ... Ongulf: However, our miners encountered another problem in the meantime. I'm afraid this will be your next mission.
Missão 04: A Mina É Minha


Jogador: mission
Ongulf: It seems things went from bad to worse! First we had some problems with the mine shafts we were building, and now that we found some precious veins in one of the new mines, and it happens to be the holiday resort of some hostile stone creatures! ... Ongulf: Nothing we dwarfs couldn't handle alone, but I rather thought this could be something interesting for an adventurer like you. ... Ongulf: So I reserved you the privilege to slay the leader! Use the mining lift to reach mine A07. The more stone creatures you kill, the better. Your mission, however, is to slay their leader, most likely some special stone beast.
Ongulf comenta que as coisas vão de mal a pior, primeiro tiveram alguns problemas com as novas minas que estão construindo e agora numa delas umas criaturas de pedra hostis (Stone Golem) a adotaram como se fosse seu resort de fÉrias. Nada com que os anões não possam lidar, mas Ongulf sabe que você É um aventureiro e lhe concede o privilÉgio de matar o líder deles. Vá ao elevador da esquerda para chegar na mina A07 e matar o Shard of Corruption que mora na parte nordeste. Após matá-lo retorne ao Ongulf

Jogador: mission
Ongulf: Shortly after you killed that creature, the others crumbled to dust and stone. I hope this incident does not foreshadow similar problems in our mines. However, for now I have other things to take care of and you have other missions to accomplish.
Missão 05: Obtendo Apoios Importantes


OBS: Corri as palavras secretas que estavam em letras maiúsculas, isso já deu muita dor de cabeça a muitos players rsrsrsrs...


Jogador: mission

Ongulf: Things are getting more and more complicated. You need to convince our friends that some intervention for their part is needed. ...
Ongulf: We've come a long way with our own resources, but now our resources are short and we need the others to step in. I want you to negotiate some more support from our partners. ...
Ongulf: You'll need all your diplomacy and influence. If you blow the negotiations, look for a guy called Black Bert in Thais. ...
Ongulf: He has access to all kind of odd items, and he might have just the right bribe to convince someone to continue negotiations. ...
Ongulf: It will not be as easy as it might sound. So watch your words and your manners and keep in mind whom you are talking to. ...
Ongulf: Different strategies might be necessary for different people. You may try to FLATTER, THREATEN, IMPRESS, BLUFF, PLEA or to REASON with them. You probably need some luck as well. ...
Ongulf: And now listen: We need more workers for the mines. The technomancers told us that a guy named Telas, who lives in Edron, copied the worker golem technology from Yalahar. Convince him to send us some of these golems. ...
Ongulf: Further, we have more ore and end products than we can use right now. So we need someone to buy all the surplus. Convince Leeland Slim in Venore that the local traders step in as resellers. ...
Ongulf: Another issue at hand is our lack of drilling worms. That should not be a big problem though. Just talk to the worm tamer in Kazordoon. If he does not get mad about you, there should be no problem to get his support. ...
Ongulf: Also, now that our monetary resources are used up and not much cash is coming in, we need additional help to finance this venture. Thais has promised money in advance, but we haven't seen any of this support, yet. ...
Ongulf: Convince the Thaian king to send us the promised money right now. ...
Ongulf: Another problem we need to solve is the exploration of our surroundings. We need to know friends and enemies, and find out about the plants and beasts in the vicinity and learn what is edible and what is dangerous. ...
Ongulf: This is all stuff the Explorer Society is interested in. It should be easy to convince their representative in Port Hope. ...
Ongulf: At last, with the growing numbers of adventurers here, not only the security of the base is growing but also the demand for certain supplies. I'd like the Edron academy to open up a shop in the base. We need to keep you adventurers happy, don't we? ... Ongulf: Well, I hope you understand the importance of this mission and got what it takes to fulfil it. So hurry up and get us the needed support.
Ongulf vai falar que as coisas estão cada vez mais complicadas e toda ajuda É necessária. Por isso, ele vai pedir para você cobrar/pedir ajuda de 6 pessoas ao redor do Tibia. Para cada uma delas você deve falar farmine e depois escolher uma das seguintes palavras (a palavra correta muda de jogador para jogador):

Observação: A sequência usada acima É uma sugestão com as seis palavras possíveis, ou seja, não há uma garantia de 100% de acerto. E, há tambÉm, a possibilidade da mesma palavra ser aceita por NPCs diferentes. Sendo assim, uma (ou mais) dela(s) pode(m) nem chegar a ser(em) utilizada(s).

Jogador: mission Ongulf: You did an excellent job! With all this help Farmine will grow and prosper. While we put all available resources into building this base, I have another urgent mission for you.
Missão 06: Dias de Desgraça

OBS: No under, o NPC "Curos" costuma andar pra longe do seu local onde mostra no mapa, procure com atenção, muitos tem dificuldades em encontra-lo e acabam achando que É bug.


Jogador: mission

Ongulf: Our new friends, those primitive humans sent us a warning. According to them, the 'green men' of the plains plan an attack on the mountains. ...
Ongulf: Considering their expected number, there is no chance for us to beat them off. We might be able to hold our ground for a while, but without access to the surface and under constant attacks, we might have to abandon the base. ...
Ongulf: Now, I'm aware that you cannot stop an entire army by yourself, but desperate situations call for desperate measures. I ask you to find the leaders of the orcs and ..., well do something. ... Ongulf: Scare them, bribe them, give them another target or whatever. As futile as it may sound: Try to talk to their leaders in some way and make them stop their attack plans. This is our only hope.
Ongulf vai falar que os humanos primitivos avisaram sobre um ataque que os "homens verdes" (orcs) estão planejando à montanha. Por isso, ele vai pedir para você tentar uma aliança, ou qualquer coisa para impedir o ataque, já que eles não terão chance alguma.
Encontre o líder dos orcs no centro do continente e fale mission.

Jogador: mission

Curos: You come here to ask us to spare your people? This land has no tolerance for the weak, we have it neither. If you want us to consider you as useful for us, you'll have to prove it in a test of strength and courage. Jogador: test
Curos: First we will test your strength and endurance. You'll have to face one of the most experienced Mooh'Tah masters. As you don't stand a chance to beat such an opponent, your test will be simply to survive. ... Curos: Face him in a battle and survive for two minutes. If you do, we will be willing to assume that your are prepared for the life in these lands. Enter the ring of battle, close to my quarter. Return to me after you have passed this test.
O líder Curos vai falar que você precisa passar num teste para aí sim considerar alguma utilidade em uma aliança. Então fale test. Seu objetivo será apenas sobreviver por 2 minutos dentro de uma arena com um legítimo Mooh'Tah Master.
Você pode encontrar a entrada para a arena a sudoeste.
Entre na arena e sobreviva por 2 minutos, você não precisa atacar.
Após sair da arena, fale com Curos mission para completar sua missão e retorne atÉ Ongulf na base.

Jogador: mission

Curos: We have seen that you can fight and survive. Yet, it will also need cleverness and courage to survive in these lands. We might see later if you've got what it takes. ...
Curos: However, I stand to my word - our hordes will spare your insignificant piece of rock for now. Time will tell if you are worthy living next to us. ... Curos: Still, it will take years until we might consider you as an ally, but this is a start at least.
Missão 07: Mensageiros da Paz

A partir dessa missão começa a ficar um pouco mais difícil a quest. Provavelmente você vai precisar de um grupo de amigos acima do level 80 no mínimo para completá-la tranquilamente.
Peça sua mission para Ongulf.

Jogador: mission

Ongulf: Ooook. Now that we managed to keep those orcs and minotaurs at bay at least for a while, we learn that the real meanies over here are some lizardmen. Just great, isn't it?. ...
Ongulf: So you might already guess your next mission: Find a way to hold those lizards off. Find them, contact them, talk to them, scare them, bribe them, whatever. Just keep that snakes away if anyhow possible. ... Ongulf: If the orcs are right, they are somewhere in or behind those mountains in the north. I doubt you can reason with them in any way, but you'll have to try for the sake of Farmine.
Sua missão É conseguir um tratado de paz com os lagartos tambÉm. Você pode encontrá-los nas montanhas no norte.
Siga o mapa acima atÉ o "X", suba no hole-rope para encontrar o NPC Ztiss. Você irá enfrentar Lizard Legionnaires, Lizard High Guards e Lizard Dragon Priests. Quando chegar pegue o tome, e passe pela porta.
ATENçãO: Antes de entrar pela porta, na sala ao lado esquerdo há a quest de um Tome of Knowledge, não esqueça de pegar!
Após entrar na sala, você será teletransportado para uma prisão. No canto superior esquerdo da sala há um papel escondido embaixo da palha.
Para sair da sala e prosseguir para a missão 8, deve dar "use" na imagem do dragão localizada na parede ao norte.
A missão 7 está concluída aqui.
Missão 08: Uma Oferta Irrecusável

Vá para o norte e fale com o NPC Ztiss. Ele vai falar que a única maneira de você se livrar da prisão É aceitar a offer (oferta) de seu mestre. Fale em seguida work e ele vai falar que a cada dÉcada há um grande torneio e você deverá participar. Aceite a oferta falando yes. Ele irá envenená-lo para evitar que você fuja do torneio, responda yes novamente.

Ztiss: Ziz iz not for you to azk. I work for zomeone of immenze power. He haz an offer for you.

Jogador: offer
Ztiss: You are ztill a captive and your life is forfeit. Zere might be a way for you to ezcape if you agree to work for my mazter.
Jogador: work
Ztiss: Zere iz a great tournament of ztrengz each decade. It determinez ze granted privilegez for zertain individualz of power for ze comming decade. ...
Ztiss: My mazter wantz to zurprize hiz opponentz by an unexpected move. He will uze warriorz from ze outzide, zomeone zat no one can azzezz. ...
Ztiss: One of ziz warriorz could be you. Or you could ztay here and rot in ze dungeon. Are you interezted in ziz deal?
Jogador: yes Ztiss: You are zmart for a zoftzkin, but before you begin to feel too zmart, you should know zat we will zeal our deal wiz you drinking a ztrong poizon zat will inevitably kill you if you want to trick me and not attend ze tournament. ...
Ztiss: Zo are you ready to drink ziz poizon here?
Jogador: yes
Ztiss: Excellent! Now you may leave ziz area zrough ze teleporter to ze norz. It will bring you to a hidden boat. Ziz boat will take you to ze tournament izle. ... Ztiss: Zere you'll learn anyzing you need to know about ze great tournament.
Então vá para o teleporte no lado esquerdo da sala. Você irá parar nas Muggy Plains.
A missão 8 está concluída aqui.
Missão 09: Combate Mortal


  • Essa missão requer que o jogador tenha level 80 ou maior (É recomendado a ir acima do level 110).
  • Outro jogador.
  • Muitas poções de cura e de mana.

Aviso: É recomendando para o jogador perguntar quantas poções levar a outros jogadores de mesma vocação que já tenham feito esta missão. O sucesso dessa missão dependerá do level, skills e equipamentos utilizado pelos jogadores.
Siga atÉ o caminho no mapa abaixo, e peça uma passage para Zurak.

Zurak: You want trip to Izzle of Zztrife?
Jogador: yes
Ok, vocês estão agora na Isle of Strife. Vocês irão precisar de mais um jogador para ajudar a matar as criaturas atÉ chegar na arena.
No caminho atÉ a entrada para a arena você irá enfrentar: Lizard Dragon Priests, Lizard High Guards, Lizard Legionnaires e Draken Warmasters. Siga o mapa abaixo para chegar atÉ lá (preste atenção na legenda da imagem).

  • 120px-Frontier11.png

    No X você pode encontrar um tomo e na exclamação um teleporte SOMENTE de ida para as Muggy Plains.

  • 120px-Tome3.png

    A imagem mostra o local.

Fale com o NPC Chrak para entrar na arena. Diga mission, battle e yes.

Jogador: mission

Chrak: Ze tournament iz ze ultimate challenge of might and prowrezz. Ze rulez may have changed over ze centuriez but ze ezzence remained ze zame. ...
Chrak: If you know ze rulez, you might enter ze arena for ze battle.
Jogador: battle
Chrak: Zo you want to enter ze arena, you know ze rulez and zat zere will be no ozer option zan deaz or victory?
Jogador: yes
Chrak: I grant you ze permizzion to enter ze arena. Remember, you'll have to enter ze arena az a team of two. If you are not familiar wiz ze rulez, I can explain zem to you once again.
O acesso à porta será liberado. Entre nela com seu amigo e então puxe a alavanca! Prepare-se para enfrentar a arena, as criaturas tem bastante pontos de vida e são razoavelmente fortes (todas possuem Mana Drain), algumas podendo hitar mais de 400.
Irão dar respawn de 2 criaturas por turno, seja rápido, caso contrário mais criaturas irão aparecer. A ordem de aparição É esta:

Nota: mesmo que ainda tenha outras criaturas junto, quando você matar o tirecz a missão irá terminar e você e seu amigo serão teleportados.

Se estiver faltando algo, me cobrem pra que eu faça a correção :P
Não mudei muita coisa mas onde muitos se atrapalhavam eu deixei bem mais claro rsrsrsrs


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Guest Kiqzinho

Muito bom Man !

Tutorial sempre ajuda muita gente.

Parabens !

ps - eu não cheguei a ver direito, mas se não tiver, voce pode colocar que essa quest permite o inicio da Wrath of the Emperor.

Abraço man.

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Guest Adolf

Fuck Dead você está de parabens cara, deve ter tido muito traballho.

Agora ninguem mais precisa ir no tibiawiki, aqui ja está tudo explicado com os detalhes do UnderWar

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Parabéns cara, tópico aprovadissimo!

Continue assim, nós da staff ficamos agradecidos e que muitas pessoas sigam o seu exemplo, de querer ajudar o UnderWar e não só de tumultuar!

Abraço amigo e bom jogo

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